Getting Better All The Time – The Gym Episodes

…Lately I’ve been reevaluating my life and where I’d like to make improvements. I’m of the school of thought that we’re never perfect or fully mature. Instead, we become more self-aware and make adjustments to our lives enabling us to be a help to our homes & communities. These changes are brought about through our faith, our family who know our short comings better than us at times, close friends and other fringe elements.

Anyhow, like I was saying, I’ve been looking to add to my life things that will make me better. Here’s what I’m looking at so far:

Finances: I’d like to get a better handle on financial planning and saving.
Reading: I haven’t read a in while and so I’ve been binging out on reading anything and everything.
Spiritually: It’s been great to get back to reading my Bible and praying for my own growth first. I really neglected that for some time, honestly. Shoutouts to the #2aday crew!

And lastly, getting back in shape. There was a time when I would hit the gym up, eat right (or eat at all), play ball for hours, ride bikes, etc. Now…well…no gym, lots of fruit loops, what’s a ball and I don’t have a bike…so I am horendously out of shape. Then there was my P90X summer, where everything was working…until I went to camp for a week (then, BOOM, downhill!). I do feel under weight and undersized, especially when I work with HS students who could outplay me on PS3 whereas my thumbs would get tired. I could say, “well, I’m a person of the cloth and the most important thing is that my spiritual muscles are big and strong!”

People who say that are dumb. Period. Quote me on that.

It is annoying to walk to the park with Ellie and need to take breaks. Or roll around with Liam and then pull away because I’m out of breath. It really is. The same power I put to my brain muscles (school) and spirit muscles and emotional muscles (prayer, community, etc), I should put to my body. Not to sculpt it but to be healthy!

Here’s what i have to work with in 2012:

I am older now. When I was a teen, i could play ball for hours, no water, no snacks…now?! Gatorade!
I have a bad right knee. Not sure how or why but I do.
Bad left toe. It’s my Shaq problem.
I have a family now. It’s harder to plan things out with Wifey and two kids. Back when it was just Wifey and I, we’d go to the gym together, come home, rest up…now…much harder.

But regardless of these factors, I really feel like this is something, along with the list above that I have to do. Here are the benefits:

A better outlook on life. People who are in shape actively have a better spirit about them (especially when the heart/soul/mind are growing too). Working out gets the juices flowing, especially in the mornings. Check out this blog by Michael Hyatt to get his take on this.
An appreciation for outdoors. This is if I get to running or biking.
More stamina. I’d like to play with my kids longer, hang with the HS kids when the basketballs come out and do 10 to 15K one day.
Longer Drive. Yup, it’s exactly what you think. Healthier body, healthier bedroom, yo.

And plus, Wifey has really put a fire under my butt about this lately. No more pop, just water. Working out every day after the kids are in bed. She’s going for it and now, I gots to too. So my next immediate goals are the following:

Water and more water. I’ve started drinking it more and drinking coffee less among other things. I have an addiction to Coke and I’m working that out of my system.
Going to the doctor. I need to get my knee checked out so I can get proper running and basketball shoes. I’d like get a proper knee brace as well so I can handle sports and long distance running. It doesn’t help that have the inherited Chase flat feet with a side of wide. Sorry kids…that’s a part of your legacy:)
Getting a gym membership of some sort. This is harder because it requires both money and time. But I’d like to at some point. It’s an investment that I’d have to cash in on at LEAST 3 to 4 days a week for an hour at a time.

AND get an accountability partner. So I have this for my spiritual life (Shout outs to my three amigos. You know who you are, gents!) but I’d need someone with the same drive as me to either be at the gym with me or to call me and say ‘Hey, go to the gym today you skinny puke!” This is big, because it’ll easily fall apart if I ain’t got nobody. Or it’ll be going for a while then trail off, like many things in life. Interesting, eh?

So here we go…I’ll keep you posted on what this looks like for me. How about you? What are some things you want to improve or add to your life (and no answers of “I just want to be closer to Jesus”…I took that one. Find another!)? What kind of help do you need?

Let’s get it!!!



PS. How does one graduate to Christian maturity? I’ve always found that to be a conundrum for me. Is it quoting scripture? Worship? Love your thoughts here!

PPS. How important is being in shape for you?


11 thoughts on “Getting Better All The Time – The Gym Episodes

  1. Totally started a 30 day challenge for myself. On day 5 today. Feel SO GOOD!

    Love your reasons above. I want to look and feel my best for myself, my hubby and hopefully one day – my future children. Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle…my hope is that this 30 days turns into forever.

    The #2aday really helped me connect back to God and His Word again. Loved it…especially once I got my Kindle and read His Word everyday now, no excuses. And I highlight like crazy on there and it helps me with my prayer/worship life now too.

    • The #2aday has been such a blessing. In a big way. I’m using my iPad for it, knowing that I take it with me everywhere, so like you, no excuses. Plus seeing the tweet recaps are a healthy reminder as well.

      I can’t wait to get physically fit. Putting it out there on the blog makes it known to anyone who reads it and forces me to do something about it now. I also can’t wait to read about how the 30 day challenge affects you and your home. Health in every area is so important! Here’s to fun!!

      • First things first. \”I’m a person of the cloth & the most important thing… my spiritual muscles are big & strong!” Ppl who say that are dumb. @thatchrischase
        I quoted you on that. On Twitter, which ends up on Facebook. So there. You get what you say.

        Second, MADD PROPS. You put it out there, now the work of keeping it inline begins. You can do it. So although I prefer Adidas myself, follow Nike\’s slogan and \”JUST DO IT!\”

        Third, a few goals of my own that have to do with what it means for me to be a MAN at this stage of my life:

        Work – do 50% more than what I\’m asked to in the work place. Laziness does NOT honour God and frankly it has become a serious pet peeve.

        School – as a student, I\’ve dropped my course load so I can honour God in my other responsibilities and still do well in my studies. Will have to let you know how that goes. I\’ve taken much deliberation, thought, and wise counsel on this plan of action.

        Health – well affording and consuming good food is an ongoing growth process. I don\’t have a gym membership because I can\’t afford it, but I\’ve stopped using that as an excuse. I have dumbbells at home ($60+ depending on weight, play it again sports), a pro-fit iron gym ($25 at Winners), a bosu ball, and yoga mats. Fraction of the cost for gym membership and there are a plethora of exercises you can do with these from curls, dips, sit ups, chest press, triceps dips, pull ups, etc etc etc… and you can use the door set gym for stretching. I\’d love to be in the gym on elliptical, bikes, treadmills, machines, and especially in the pool, but I work with the tools I got right now. He who is faithful over what he has will be rewarded with more. Going for walks (great for families btw!), and swimming when I can has been absolutely amazing too.

        Doctor – went today, making sure everything is in check for the upcoming BUSY fall.

        Longer Drive – though you are serious, you are a total joker!! haha For me at this stage, this one means giving my mind the oxygen & nutrition I need to stay focused in my work & studies by staying physically active.

        Age – just a number. KG is 36 now and he\’s still an absolute BEAST! There are 80 year olds who have went on training programs to find their ultimate physique. We are young, man.

        Finances – let\’s face it, I\’m a student. Right now it\’s work and grasp EVERY opportunity I have (with wisdom, of course) and trust that my diligence will pay off. It\’s a sacrifice here, but I believe doing my best to make ends as a single is a good thing.

        Spirituality – thinking outside the box on this one. DAB (Daily Audio Bible) has been a GREAT resource for me lately. Come fall, I will be taking Old Testament Survey and New Testament Greek, so I know there will be fresh perspective there. The rest is in the solid relationships I have all around me.

        I\’d be happy to call you on stuff dude, but you don\’t even respond to my tweets (*OUCH*). So here\’s your blog reply. HA! And maybe you\’re off the coffee kick now too, but that\’s no excuse. We can hit up a power shake or some kind of healthy smoothie. Iron sharpens iron.

        I now defer to sound Biblical foundation of Adidas and say, \”Impossible is NOTHING.\”

      • Agreed. And yes, putting things on a blog = accountability!
        I feel like I can’t skip out because I posted it…
        But so far so good 🙂
        Cheers to fun and health!

  2. Started back on the weights and treadmill as of last week myself; fall is my time to rock the workout. Looking forward to getting back into shape. By the way in my defence round is a shape!! My problem has always been about balance, I can achieve anything and have proven it time and again, but over the long haul some things tend to drop off. I am an all or nothing kind of guy and have to keep that in mind and leverage my strengths. Things like your coke tend to creep in disguised as a treat and then become commonplace. The problem is I love food, to eat, cook and prepare it. I just have to scale it back, like I said, I need to learn the discipline of balance. If you need a workout accountability partner let me know, we can text back and forth when we work out to encourage the other. Here is a start, yesterday I did presses with 185 lbs and when I go home I am hitting the treadmill for 45 minutes at medium intensity with varying speed and incline. Take that! What you gonna do? Just kidding, I wish you all the best success in your new goals. You know what they say shout for the moon and you may hit a star.

    • Agreed completely Ed. You can start keeping me accountable by getting on me to see a dr about my knee and toe! And about doing some gym research. The sooner I have all that ready to go, the better I’ll be in the long run. Consistency is the key for all this stuff. It’s always easy to start something. But if you’re like me who gets bored quickly…eek! So good on you man. I’ll have to keep you encouraged when I see you now!!!

  3. Thanks, by the way go see the doctor. It is not unmanly and your kids come first which means you have to be there for them. You can talk to me about the financial planning as well, I am currently take my mock exam for my life insurance license and recently learned all about estate and life planning. I still have more to go but can assist in providing you information. Tell you what we can sit down and I will buy you a water. See what I did there, you thought I would say coffee!

  4. Chase! You and I have a lot to chat about. You can tell me about #2aday, and I’ll give you my best financial advice. Then we can swap stories about how we convince ourselves to go to the gym. Can you come up with an excuse to visit Meccassauga?

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