#Beardwatch Gangnam Style

Hey friends,

It’s week three of #beardwatch and I have my first real dilema approaching. One that is making me question my resolve to go one year, YES one year with a full neck scarf, that will double as an ascot on Sunday mornings. It is…staff portraits.

Now it should be known that I’m not a fan of these things. I didn’t like school pics (shout outs to Jostens, yo!! ) because my smile never worked or I was looking away like an old prospector, or I work overalls (Stupid grade 5 pic). So at work, though I am in my 30s, I’m always the guy who makes the big stink about doing this sort of thing or who rebels by either:

1) Ice Grillin’ the Camera (trans: not smiling. Just straight mean muggin like I’m from the streets…even though I only drink Disani water, Starbucks Coffee and the like…yup, I’m a yuppie.).

2) Rocking a Fitted (trans. wearing a baseball cap…but in my defence, it was Christmas and it was a RED cap so Ho Ho Ho, dude.)

3) Sporting Hipster Jeans (trans. red jeans. Again, it was Christmas…)

4) All of the above

Anyhow my first picture, all the way back in ’05, was me in a dress shirt looking all serious and I was miserable…in a grown man way. Not outright but more in the “I’ll just sulk through this till it be done“-type deal. And  now, I have them coming up on Tuesday and I am rocking a hardcore beard. And I’m thinking, “should I keep it? Is this what it is? It’s not even a 4 month beard yet?” Plus, that affect what I should wear too…

Now you and I know I won’t cut it but this mid-beard crisis shows me that this will be a bit harder than I thought, especially when it gets long and caught in my winter coat zipper in January or when it’s hot and we’re at Cobourg beach in July…not to mention the sand. Maybe I bit off more than I could beard here…Lord, beard me strength.


I must say, I do enjoy how my chin is growing. I look like a billy goat. I now have a car comb, just for red lights and traffic. Seniors always get a kick out off seeing me with a comb in my beard on the road. And by kick, they call me disrespectful to the flag, or something. I’m just waiting for my jawline hairs to be a straight as my chin. Then, my friend, it is oooooooo-ver!

I’m also in competition with my buddy Drew who sent a pic of his beard to me the other day. I must say, after careful inspection…mine is much better. Joking! White people hair grows differently from my own so I’m not judging anything until we’re at the halfway mark.


“I really don’t see anything good coming from you doing this.” – Kent Andrews

“I’d support it if you were doing it FOR something.” – Adriana “DJ” Myland

“Yelck (w/eye roll)” – Wifey


Next week is one month. Don’t forget to send tweet love through#beardwatch and I’ll add you to my blog comments!

Thanks for the love y’all!

Over and beardout,



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