So You Call Yourself Pro-Life…?

Let me ask you a question.

When you hear the words “Pro-Life“, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

I’m guessing that the only thing that did was being anti-abortion. We tend to loop the two together all the time, don’t we? Whether believer or not (though most pro-lifers tend to be believers of some kind), pro-life tends to mean one who believes that life begins at conception and not at 3/4/7/8 months, that the life made between a man and woman is made in the image of a Creator and as a life made by said Creator, cannot be killed by man’s choice (hence the pro-choice stance, which is more about the carrier of said child than the child him/herself). In today’s overtly political climate, one question that riles the conservative/republican/right/Christian-type up (when it’s not about gay marriage) is the issue of abortion.

Now, don’t please mistake my intro to think that I am for abortion. I am not just a card carrying Christian. I am a father of two who watched my children grow in the belly of my wife their mother. Who felt their kicks, heard their heartbeats and cut their embelical cords when they came out. Not for second did I think “They’re not alive.” I knew they were miracles the moment I learn of their existence, that I and Wifey partnered with God in their creation. Their birth alone put me on the other side of the argument.

That being said…I don’t think most people who say they’re pro-life are actually pro-life. I think that instead they’re more simply…Anti-Abortion. The more I think about it, pro-life is so much deeper and fuller than simply being anti the abortion of the unborn. For we abort the older too all the time.

Let me explain in point form with actual canadian statistics found on stats canada:


6 thoughts on “So You Call Yourself Pro-Life…?

  1. Hey Chris!
    Love the post- I’ve always been one to say that if you are going to call yourself pro-life, then make sure that you are pro-ALL-life. I agree that this term has been co-opted so that it often really means anti-abortion.

    I liked your list of what being pro-life looks like for you.
    Especially the promotion of adoption- if you want to take a stance on abortion then you need to support/help get rid of the stigma surrounding adoption so that other options seem plausible for those not ready to be parents. Furthermore, I think that there needs to be greater emphasis on reaching people BEFORE abortion becomes a thought. Being anti-abortion is a band-aid solution- we need to look at how anyone gets to that step in the first place and start there.

    I would also add to the list: being pro-life means fighting mental health issues, such as depression and suicidal thoughts. Speaking life into those situations so that people know that their life is worth living.

    And- being pro-life means working towards a world where everyone has access to (at least) the basic needs of life (water, food, shelter etc. etc.). Pro-life to me means that my life in Canada should not come at the expense of someone else’s life in the Global South. This one is sometimes hard (with how the global economic system is shaped and such)- but I’m trying to learn, support organizations that are doing this best, and holding my government and other officials accountable for decisions that they make.

    Just my two cents (though they may have been a little long!).
    Thanks for bringing up the discussion!

    • Hey Becca!
      I fully agree with you add-ons. Fully! The list grows and grows when we recognize that there are needs (many of them practical) that can be met by just about anyone, but especially those in the faith community. If many in the 1% gave to the 99% (or even SOME), how much better off would the 9 year old be?
      And you line about keeping government accountable is the role of the church today. I truly believe that we’re to be the prophetic voice when things are going off-course in our government (kinda-like the OT ones did to the ‘theocratic’ kings of their day). In that way, our life long goal is to promote ALL life that it would reach its fullest potential, which is only found in the arms of the Creator.
      Thanks for invigorating even more thought!

  2. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, which are deep on this subject. I agree that more mentors are needed for those who find themselves “in between” homes, families, fathers or whatever. Also that being pro-life does not end at the birth of a child, but continues until they have grown into men and women. They need people that really care, not just tell them to go to church. Simply saying God Bless you with out providing a tangible “gift” for their need is a slap in the face spiritual. For God put us here to be his hands and feet. This post has strange timing too, as just yesterday I was talking to Pastor Sam & Jan about what more I can do on this issue. Would love to by you coffee sometime and share. God Bless and thanks for caring.

    • Eddie!!
      You’re right – We can’t simply fight for the one who is born, then leave them to the “system” once that’s been accomplished. I’m thankful for our gov’t and agencies who recognize this but on the list of priorities, it’s not high enough to make significant change. Hopefully some who read will begin to dream actual practical ways how we can help those in need both spiritually (in the sharing of the gospel message) and tangible practicals (rather than giving a fish, let’s give you a fishing rod, teach you how to fish and then take you to a water source so you can GET fish.).

      I’m glad this is on your heart too. Let’s see where this goes.

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