Parent Blog: Don’t You Forget About Me…

The best sacrifices should ultimately bless my family, not hurt them. If I am not going to be home, it’s gotta not only give back to my God and his kingdom, it’s gotta give me power and inspiration to be present as a husband and father. Yes, there will be draining moments but the majority times should pour back into where I spend the most time. Even the financial blessings (giving and sacrifices) should show faith and grow us in the long run.

Gadgets are the worst if not rationed. I’ve already spoken about how Ellie views my phone but I need to be smart with my laptop (even for growing my writing muscles) and iPad. She should know that she can get my attention at anytime. This is a #firstworldproblem that I can really fix on my own with self-discipling. Said best about multi-tasking “…it is a myth. You ain’t doing anything good, just everything awful.”

Ellie needs to know what I do. Most days when I have to go out to work, I always explain WHY I go out. Ellie now knows that Daddy goes out to help people because (and she’ll say with me) God made them and they need him. It doesn’t make leaving her easier but it gives it context.

Never turn away a hug and kiss. Ellie will ask for 7 hugs and kisses before I leave. And while it is unprofessional to show up late to meetings, I can live with that if its because of that.

I have to start this by not forgetting about God and then my wife. Self-explanatory, but Ellie needs to know that not only do I love God and her mom, I spend time with them both.

I never want to be that Dad who is never home “for God” yet my kids don’t know me. I really think that if it’s really “for God“, they’ll know me even more. Together is the key. Community starts at home. What about you?

Check out this cool video that really captures this post by rapper/poet Propaganda. Watch it.

*Spouse here is Wifey. She saw this and say, “You think you’re cute, eh?” Yup. I do:)


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