Mine Eyes Beheld The Beauty

Today while walking, I remembered a memory that made me smile to myself while bracing the force of winter’s strong breath.

I stood on a set of stairs, high above many…not because I was ABOVE them in stature or esteem but literally above them because I was at the top of the stairs and they were at the bottom. Makes sense? I’ll go on:)

From there I saw one with long hair…very long. Not so long that it would be unkept or so long that it would rival Crystal Gayle and be really “weird”. But long enough to be attention carrying. In this hair were highlights, subtle ones that would remind a passerby of summertime and playing in the park or going for a walk. Earrings, capri jeans (remember capris?! Are those still a thing?), flip flops and freckles. Oh the freckles. Not a lot, not too many but to quote the Baby Bear, they were “just right.”

That day I said “wow”. That day, a good friend became the “object of my affection.”

Years later, that memory still makes me smile. At times the smile is shortened when I think  of how I’ve treated that memory and more sadly, the person behind that memory…to the point of not deserving it. But today, in the bleak winter, I smile. And I laugh.

And I hope that on that day I didn’t embarrass myself.


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