About Chris Chase

Hi. My Name is Chris Chase. I am a husband, dad of two, pastor at a really cool church, and an overall work-in-progress.

Welcome to my personal blog. Because it’s a personal blog, it will focus on things that stand out to me in the areas of family, personal growth (which includes embarasing stories), pop culture/technology, and at times, God and leadership. I’ll also from time to time write stories or make lists based on random thoughts.

My hope is to grow as a writer while giving friends and visitors an avenue to have honest talks about where we are all at in our lives while being able to laugh and learn together. If you’re looking for that, then this blog will suit your fancy.

I typically blog once to twice a week, with breaks in between with due notice. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS or e-mail by clicking on the “sign me up button” on my blog page.

My Top Posts

If you are new to my site, you might want to start with my most popular posts. Here are my top three based on readers:

Brief Bio

Before getting married and having kids, I was a son and big brother living in Montreal, Quebec. I moved to Ontario as a young adult to pursue my religious bachelor’s in youth ministry at Master’s College and Seminary. It was at this school where I met my friend, then girlfriend and now wife Rebecca. While in my last year of school, I was offered the job of High School Pastor at Agincourt Pentecostal Church, then-and-currently led by Pastor Keith Smith.

I was High School Pastor there for four years before being invited to become student ministries team leader of Agincourt, a post I have held since 2009. During that time till now, Becca and I have had two children, Eliana and Liam. Both are unique and beautiful gifts of God who keep us laughing and learning.

In my free time I love hanging with the kids and wifey (as she is often referred to in my posts), writing, reading books (especially biographies and books on basketball), watching movies, learning about pop culture, attempting to get in shape and finding the humor in the most dire of situations.

The thoughts expressed here in this blog are solely Chris Chase’s ideas, observations & opinions. They do not represent in any way  Agincourt Pentecostal Church (his place of employment), its staff or its congregation.

I am also growing my beard for fun. Check out some of my pics here.


5 thoughts on “About Chris Chase

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  2. Hi Pastor Chris,

    I currently work in management and consulting in the entertainment industry, however, I just took on a new client – an evangelist, who resides in South Carolina but travels all around the world preaching and spreading God’s word. I just thought I would hit you up to ask if there was any knowledge you could drop re: some new up and coming churches in the Toronto area who may be open to the possibility of having a guest speaker/preacher – or even some Christian groups that would be interested.

    I know it’s a bit of a vague question, but any suggestions/feedback you have would be of great value to me. I know you are busy and I thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m new to this industry but am willing to learn.

    – Joseph

  3. Well. If Chris Chase is a leading example of what a ” Holy Ghost-Filled ” leader in a Pentecostal Church is, then his poor example exemplifies how ‘satan’ has infiltrated the minds of the ‘so-called’ “elect” of THE CHURCH. Well GOD has set his standards above us belittling others at their expense for our profit.

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