#beardwatch update – 2 months

I never thought this would happen but I have something in common with women.

Ladies, you know that point where you wanna grow your hair out just a bit to have it at that style you want? But that in-between time is the worst? Cause your hair isn’t what you want it to be just yet? And so you ponytail it? Or wear weird beanie hats? Or get hair extensions?

Yup. I’m there. Except it’s not my hair, it’s my beard hair(?) and if I try to pony tail my beard it wouldn’t be pretty.

Yes, it’s been two months since my weird project of growing my beard out for the sake of growing my beard out. At home, it’s simply become a part of what we do so much that we don’t really mention it unless Liam grabs at it for fun. My sister came into town and when she saw me she said, “You look like James Harden“, which as you know is the inspiration for this project, and I simply smiled and said, “yup.” Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and can’t wait to see how it turns out, but the in-between time is…well, boring. At least it was, until I attended Catalyst in Atlanta, a Christian church leadership conference that houses 13,000+ people. Pretty cray.

Now why would Catalyst inspire my #beardwatch non-vanity project (cause a beard ain’t vain, y’all!), you ask? Simply put: there were SO MANY COOL BEARDS THERE!!! I mean it was amazing. It was so crazy, I started going up to random dudes and asking to take their picture so I could add it to this blog. My line would go like this:

“Hey, I love you beard! Can I get a picture with it? My wife thinks growing a beard is stupid and this will show her that it’s not!” 

And they would. And it was awesome. I had 15+ pics. My APC friends and I would, by the end of the day, look for people and judge their beards on whether they were blog worthy. I even met a guy who was growing his beard for missions (He’d cut it when he raised a certain amount of money for a worthy cause…made me rethink my efforts. More to come on that thought). It was so much fun. Until I lost my phone. With all the pictures.

Now it sucks for two reasons: 1) Now I look like a creeper who just wanted weird beard pics (I told them about my Flickr account AND my blog. Oops!) and 2)…no, I think the first one covers it all. But just seeing those beards on white and black men alike helped me in a great way. The in-between stage is the time between the valley and the mountain and its the journey that makes the story, not the destination.

And now, I can appreciate the journey. And the loads of grey hairs I’m finding in this thing. Crazy.

Over and Beard,


PS. The conference itself was amazing. I tried to do a full on recap blog but my brain is still trying to work through all the info. Here’s what I know: God is good, a lot of people want to serve him and share him with others, Tripp and Tyler are one funny comedy duo, I have a new found love for Kid President and Michael W. Smith, I liked the labs more than the arena conference (and the Arena part was amazing…at full one hunned, son, so that is saying A LOT!) AND Americans REALLY love doing the Cupid Shuffle.

And now so do I…and my daughter.

PPS. I did email Becca ONE picture while I was away at Catalyst to show you what dudes were carrying. His was a year old. A year.


Epic Fail Blog Entry: Meet the Parent, Chase (Guest blogger Becca Chase)

This is a first for cchase101.

My wife, Becca Chase (@rebajune on twitter) suggested that she add an entry to my blog, specifically an Epic fail one.

Now if you’re a regular reader, then you know what these are. They are stories where I overreach and make a fool of myself in some way, shape or form. They aren’t my crowning achievements, let’s put it that way.

Well this specific story (yah, that’s what I’ll call it) as interpreted by her takes place on out dating stomping ground at Bible College and the day I unceremoniously met my future dad-in-law, Don Brown. I’ll let her take it from here…and I will make some “comments” at the end ( look for the “*“!)

It was the fall semester of our second year of Bible College. Chris and I had just made that *AWKWARD transition from friends to ‘couple’. All semester I had been having regular phone chats with both my mom and sister who were being kept up-to-the-minute on the Chris-and-Becca details.  But one very important person was left in the dark- my dad.  I couldn’t talk to my dad about boys.  So when my dad came to the school to pick me up and take me home for Reading Break, the first impression he had of Chris Chase was not the greatest.

 I went to my room to finish packing.  Dad waited in the lounge.  Chris thought he’d use this time to work his charm.  Now, in his defense, he was under the impression that I had told my dad all about him.  I had not.  *I may not have even mentioned him at all…. :\

 So this *very loud, very outgoing young black man walks up to my dad and starts chatting away.  My dad, being polite, asked him where he was from. An ongoing joke in our bible college was that Chris was a honourary Newfie*.  So Chris jokingly tells my dad he was from Cornerbrook, NFLD. Then he threw up the ‘W’ symbol with his hand and followed it up by saying ‘Wesssst Siiiide’. Very smooth*.

 On the car ride home, my dad, again very politely, asked ‘Who was that boy? He was very…. friendly.’ I did eventually fill him in…. although I think it was a good six months later when I realized that he really did think Chris was from Newfoundland.

I take only a small portion of responsibility for this epic fail. 

Okay…now let CLARIFY a couple of things here:

  • I was a lot less self-aware at 22-23 than I am now. And a lot less loud. Just saying…
  • *The transition WAS awkward indeed, but it worked, did it not? Boom, blew your mind! Your boy had moves back in the early 2000’s, man! Now, not so much…though every so often, I can pull a rabbit out of the hat. I’ll blog about the awkwardness one day.
  • * How you not gonna say, “and by the way, I gotta man, daddy.” Or at least TELL your boyfriend that your dad didn’t know. I was set up man. You know it’s true!
  • * I wasn’t THAT loud. On a scale of Becca to Jeff Hackett, I would have been a Kathy/Maria (all inside jokes here!)
  • * I AM an honorary Newfie. Got “screeched” in, kissed a fish, drank cod liver oil…the whole gambit. So take that!
  • * I do not remember the west side thing.Therefore, it never happened.

So there you have it. Thanks Becca for adding to my blog with another embarrassing story of my life. I love you very much.

Mistaken Identity & A Cover Up – The Epic Fail Blog Returns!

Ever thought you saw someone in a mall that you knew. You recognize a jacket, a certain swag and you think,

 “Oh look! It’s ____________!”

And out of jovial exuberance and desired connection, you call out _____________’s name, only to have someone else that’s not your friend (along with the entire mall) turn around with a weird, “Who are YOU?!?!” face. embarrassment is nigh. You turn red, if your skin pigmentation allows for it, bury your face and walk away.

You’ve been there, right? Right? Of course.

Now…imagine doing that in front of the person. Yes, calling them by the wrong name in front of them. Especially if you KNOW them. Done that too? Well, please read this next story from the ever adventure that is my life.

Last week I drove up to my old college to do some visiting and attend a few seminars. Many of my old professors still teach there so it was great to see them and to give a report on where I’m at in my life. It was also good to see some newer students, grinding out papers, community and their own legacy. So I’m there and I see someone whom I’ve known for some time who’ s now a part-time prof at the school (this guy’s smart…really.) and we get to talking about the school and we’re both up to. Here’s how the conversation goes:


Chris: Hey Gerald*! Great seeing you here! You a teacher here this year?

Gerald: Yup, just part-time doing church history, really enjoying it.

ACT 2: SMALL TALK…then this:

C: Dude, you just got married a bit ago, eh? How’s that treating you?

G: Oh it’s great, man I really like-

C: So how is Gayle*

(At this point, Gerald’s face grimaces while still maintaining full eye-contact with me. His face says, “That’s not my wife’s name, Chris. You’ve mistaken me for another Gerald that you know who is married to Gayle. I’m married to Susan*. You know this, man…you should. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you…you know what, I’m just gonna go with it…”)

G: Oh she’s good. We’re really growing closer together (Or something like that.  I stopped fully listening because at this point, I’ve realized his face and deducted that I’m an idiot and that he’s married to SUSAN and NOT GAYLE! I’ve also realized that he is NOT going to correct this major error. Now it’s awkward…)

C:…oh man, that’s awesome. So glad to hear that…


G:…great, okay well good seeing you, Chris.


So there you have it. I fully called his WIFE by the wrong name in front of him. His WIFE. And he KNEW it. And I KNEW that HE KNEW. And we both…said…nothing.

In the land of mistaken identities and cover-ups, I suck

(For the first time ever, the names* in this post have been changed for privacy. However! Bonus points if you can figure out who I’m talking about…)

Epic Fail Blog (The ‘You Ruined Christmas’ Story)

This is a RE-POST of a blog written 2 years ago. Over the weekends, I will normally re-post something in preparation for my weekly posts. This is one of my favorite stories of all times because almost every couple has experienced something like this. If you’ve read it, get reacquainted with the story and if this is time number 1, enjoy!



I am an impulsive shopper. I think about something I want, save my money for it, then buy it. Where’d I get my shoppin’ habits from? Well…I got it from my mama (Thanks Will.I.Am). So, apparently there’s a rule where you shouldn’t by anything during Christmas because someone may by it for you. I didn’t know that until a few years ago. You see…it was when everyone was getting DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). You could tape shows, pause live TV…have control! And I really wanted one because a friend of mine would brag about his all the time. So I waited. Checked prices. Held off. All the stuff wise shoppers are supposed to do.th me, babe.

That Christmas season, Becca and I went to visit her Dad (Don) and Stepmom (Carol) in a town close to Sarnia. It was just before Christmas…maybe a week or two before. And it was during that visit, I decided “I want to by that DVR. Right now.” So I went online and began to scan Future Shop for the best prices. My in-laws have two computers sitting beside each other side by side, so while I was on one looking at prices, Becca was on the other, quietly playing solitaire (I think…).

Finally, I found one I wanted. Don and I got in the car and drove to Future Shop where I decided I wanted one from Best Buy instead. I went back on the computer to look and found the one on the Best Buy site I wanted. It was perfect! Then the UN-THINK-ABLE happened. Becca screamed, cried and ran for the bathroom. And then I realized: SHE. ALREADY. BOUGHT IT. FOR ME. I ran to the washroom door (sooo 80s movie-ish) and said, ‘You got it….? AWE-SOME! It’s still a surprise! I love it” And Becca’s response was classically delivered through tears and rage:

“YOU (sob) RUINED (whimper, sniff, sob) CHRISTMAS (WAIL!!)!!”

She said some other stuff too…and…well…some things should remain between husband and wife, ya? EXACTLY…:)

Best “worst” Christmas memory ever! Husbands, don’t buy nothing for yourself before Christmas. Unless it’s furniture or stuff for your kids, it’s not worth it. Trust me!

Merry Christmas everyone! 

P.S. I remember telling this story a year later to our high school students during a service and mid way through the story, Becca (from the BACK of the chapel, if you know APC) threw her shoe at me. Some wounds take a long time to heal…


New addition: A few years later, I’ve greatly improved in what I buy and when I shop, especially at Christmas. Now we buy one gift for the both of us. Last year it was a waffle maker. The days of “I need” aren’t over but they have subsided tremondously. I think.


If you have a similar story, I’d love to have some dialogue with you on it. Leave a comment OR email me at cchase101@gmail.com. We’ve all got a story, so let’s share them. Also, feel free to subscribe to this blog by clicking the “subscribe me” button. Thanks – Chase

epic fail blog Vol. 5 (The John Abbott Bully Episode)

Hey everyone, here’s another fail I thought about this morning. Unlike the other ones, this one is more MEAN than FUNNY. Well, it may be funny to some of you and it WAS over 12 years ago…so I dunno.

The year was 1998 and I was in my first year in CEGEP, which for you non-Montreal readers is post secondary college before university (we finish High School in grade 11). It was the first week and I was making a lot of friends, mainly because my older cousin was there and she was (and still is) one of the coolest people around. The guys I hung out with were all older than me and really into wrestling shows, particularly WCW/NWO and Stone Cold and the Rock. I was a HUGE Rock fan. I would lift my one eyebrow, talk with his hard swagger and use his catchphrases wherever I could.

One particular day, I chose to use one of the catchphrases on an unsuspecting student. I saw a guy walking down the hall wearing a black t-shirt, a cap and glasses. He looked lost and so I asked him, in front of a whole cafeteria, “Hey man, what’s you’re name?” Before he could even respond with a “Gary”, “Bret”, “Chet” or “Barry” (all assumed names), I yelled at the top of my lungs:


The guys who I hung with, and who knew it was coming, lost it. They laughed, cheered and hi-fived me and each other (I swear my life is like an 80s High School movie…prolly Lucas…). Yet, something inside me died. I knew better. I had been a leader in my youth group. I loved Jesus. I knew how to treat other people, yet for the sake of…I don’t even know any more…I thoroughly killed that guy. And that’s the fail.

I hurt someone…and I didn’t even get his name. I put myself over his feelings. And as for all that “popularity” from 1998…I don’t even talk to 96% percent of the dudes and girls I knew from then (though I’m sure we’re all fixtures on each others Facebook walls). What was hilarious in September of 1998 is a now a painful memory and a fear that it may happen to my own kid by someone who’s just as needy for attention as I was. I hope that guy is okay…I think of him often and whisper an apology all the time. I’m still not 100% with my mouth (i have another epic fail blog to prove it) but I’m a lot faster at recognizing my failings and doing right the next time. I hope you are to.

PS – In light of the rise of bullying happening in high schools in North America, especially online (away from the eyes of teachers, principles and parents), if you are a pastor or leader to youth, talk to your students about it. Remind them that everyone is equal. Remind them to stand up for the little guy…every little bit helps.

Epic Fail Blog Vol. 4

Well, it’s another addition of the Epic Fail Blog, where I open up the vault that is my embarasing life for you, the 10 to 12 who read this blog. If you’re newer to these posts, here the last blog

Well, this tale takes place in 2005, during my first view months at Agincourt Pentecostal Church. It was a simple time. I was learning the APC ropes, meeting people and hopefully developing as a young leader. Oh, and I also thought I knew everything about everything. Cause all 24-year-old do.

The setting was in our lunch room during lunch time. It was one of those days when there were a lot of people in there…and we were talking about certain singers in our church and how blessed we were t have them. In the midst of our convo, my good friend and fellow blogger Maria mentioned a lady who was a singer at our church who at the time had lost her voice. Before she could continue, he was my response to her ‘mention’:

“Well, the reason she lost her voice is because most black singers never learned how to sing properly from her diaphragm so she sings from her throats cause that’s what she learned.”

Or something ignorant like that.

You could imagine the room, right…

Maria, without hesitation simply replied,

“…actually, she is a trained singer. People simply lose their voices sometimes…”

Boom. No one even laughed but air smelled of ‘You dun got told, lil man.’

Fail. And not only was it a fail, it was a ‘Trust me it’s a race thing’ that wasn’t even a race thing FAIL.


Epic Fail Blog Vol. 3

Wow, it’s been quite some time since the last fail blog, eh? Well, another repressed memory has surfaced for your reading enjoyment!

The time was August 2005 and I was 6 weeks way from marrying my best friend and fellow blogger, Becca Brown (now Chase). The setting was my boss’ cottage up north. Our entire ministry staff went up for an overnight trip filled with boats, games, prayer and planning. I was very new to the staff and didn’t know the people I worked with well. I also talked way to openly and often (maybe my closed-offness started here…).

Anyhow, somehow during the first day, I was talking with a couple of people on staff and it came up that our lead pastor was going to be doing a series on healthy sexuality in September. And without thinking I said, “That’s funny that he’ll be teaching about sex while I’ll be on my honeymoon!” It only would’ve been worse if I looked for hi-fives.

The guys who heard it looked at me like ‘dude…okay…who is this guy.’ Before I could fix it, my boss came over and asked what we were talking about and at THIS point, the entire room wants to know.

And like a idiot, I said it again. Out loud. His face said “I hired YOU?” He looked embarrassed for himself and pity for me:) My friend Jonathan Smith just put his head down and laughed. No one really talked for a while, just so it could sink in.


6 years later, I have a great relationship with my boss, Keith Smith. But I’d never mention something like that again. Except for here…