Silly Kid Dreams You Never Forget…


As a kid, I loved baseball. I mean loved it. And based on my french neighbourhood in Pierrefonds, Quebec, I looked like that kid in the picture above. But it was cool because of how much I loved this sport! More than I loved the Lakers. So you know I’m serious:)

My friends and I would play for hours in the park, until it was dark outside and our parents were calling us in to come home. We looked like kids from the Sandlot or from the greatest Keanu Reeves movie EVER:

As you can imagine I was a huge Montreal Expos fan, even though our team sucked most of the time and our stadium looked like a really weird upside-down european version of the starship enterprise. See?


Whether it was cheering Dennis Martinez, Larry Walker, Moises Alou, Pedro Martinez or others, it was about dem Expos and MAYBE the Jays, especially during the World Series days. While I never would have wanted to play professionally (the whole A, AA, AAA system was taxing on my young mind) I loved it.

Now? Not so much. Three main reasons:

1. There is no more Expos. Well, there is but they are the Washington Nationals. I no longer have a team to call my own. And while I live in Toronto and enjoy the Jays, it’s just not the same. The strike of 1994 completely destroyed my team and my thoughts there. (Though I JUST read this that brings me so hope. If it happened to the Jets of Winnipeg, why not La Belle Province?)

2. It’s too easy to predict. Only 10 teams could actually win it all every year. Boring. That’s no difference then cheering for Bron and the Heat.

3. Have you EVER watched a baseball game on TV?

That said, I still have one baseball dream that I want to confess to you:


I want to visit Fenway Park in Boston, Mass cause I wanna watch the Red Sox play. And this dream was only heightened by the effects of last week’s horrendous attacks. Funny how even the silliest dreams return during times of tragedy. Even the selfish ones.

Why? It would be so stinking awesome! To sing “Sweet Caroline“, see the Green Monster and to work on my Bahston accent (Oh man, Big Bahpi’s wicked smahrt with his bat!)…too much fun. Right now, it’s an improbable dream (money, time, two kids under 4 who wouldn’t appreciate the trip) but still, I dream and wait until it’s possible. And one day, it’ll happen!

Now, I don’t know if that’ll reignite my heart for the game…too much has happened between us. But maybe, just maybe it’ll open up a door to reconciliation. Not saying “Move over Basketball and Football and the Olympics” but who knows…maybe it’ll come true.

And as a grown up, I hope that my willingness to hold on to this silly dream will inspire Liam and Ellie to do the same when they be grown.

Daht be Whicked Smaahrt.

Other dreams: Go to Europe, Go to Israel, See a live Lakers game IN LA, buy Wifey a really nice new engagement ring and a better wedding cake (she wasn’t a fan of the last one…)…more dreams to share…more to come…


Life as a Fan Is TOUGH!


Life as a fan is a bittersweet thing.

For one, you’re not the one on the field/ice/court taking the hit/shot/pass at the last second. Nope. You’re on your couch in your living room watching (and possibly imagining being in that situation yourself…OBVIOUSLY doing a better job…) and hoping for a win, while anticipating a loss.

Secondly, if you’re a big fan and people know it, when your team loses…your enemies will let you know it every time. For example: imagine cheering for a team like the Montreal Canadians in a city like Toronto…not fun when a loss takes place.

Lastly, if you’re a real fan, when your team (notice how we called them OUR team as if we’re partial owners?) loses can ruin your day (or night) and shake you up more than the actual players. Like, imagine being a fan of the Red Sox of Boston before they FINALLY won the world series. The people in Beantown would react to playoff loses like there was a death in the family. I remember when my favourite basketball team lost a championship game (worth the watch). I sat at the edge of my bed and sulked like a small child without a toy. I don’t have any ownership, any stake in them but MAN, I was rocked.

Now I know that we shouldn’t get caught up in things as these, as those who don’t have any cares for sports would say, but man I do. Each year. Hoping for wins, expecting some loses and looking forward to the next season.

Why talk about this? March Madness? Nope. Here’s why?

I am a fan of people! I work with students who I believe in whole heartedly and I can’t say that there haven’t been a few nights where I have sat on the edge of my bed heartbroken at a decision that a few have made. And while I have been heartbroken, I have been hopeful for “next season“, the next opportunity where they could do it right. And as a husband, there have been moments where I have led someone to sit on the edge of the bed, disappointed in me, hoping for the “next season.” Whether we know it or not, we’re all fans of someone…hopeful misfits, believing in a last second shot that’ll change the tide of someone’s existence.

Also: A real fan doesn’t jump off the bandwagon when their team loses year after year (or decision after decision). Instead, they keep on believing, risking their hearts, investing their time (and coin) and energy to hope, to dream and to one day celebrate in one of those championship parades.

And with everyone I have in my life, I hope to be able to do the same thing.

I am your BIGGEST fan!

P.S. Go Lakers, Canadians, Blue Jays (and since I no longer have the Expos…I guess the Nationals), 49ers (and sadly the Cowboys), Wolverines and Man City.

Question: Who are you believing in? Who is believing in you? How does this affect how we should live?

#Beardwatch: Shot to the BEARD & You’re to blame…

                         It’s been 4 months since I first decided to grow my beard for a full year and this last month has been the best one yet. Why? Christmas jokes! I’m hearing a lot of “You should be Santa Claus/Black Santa” comments and while the majority of them aren’t creative, they are still quite funny. My barber has never worked on a beard before of this magnitude (pop POP!) before so he’s quite ‘jazzed‘ by this challenge and my now 1-year-old son takes to my beard like rope to pull himself up from whatever mess he has made in our home.

There are still some beard haters, though…the ‘You should look clean-shaved‘ people.’ Example:

          But to quote the quotable Sean ‘Puffy/Puff/Puff Daddy/P-Diddy/Diddy’ Combs, “Can’t nobody beard me down/Oh no/I gotta keep on moving!” Haters will beardhate© (copyright pending) all day, so you know what I say? Hate the Haters…With love. Boom. I just bearded your mind. Even Wifey*is warming up to the beard life.

(*Okay, she’s not but she’s much better now that she was at the beginning.)

Things I need to do more of in the meantime:

  • More Flickr pics. I think I overshot doing it all the time everyday, as I started to, then fizzled out. My friend Steffan advised on that I should have listened. There you go, Watson. You were right. And if the Spurs win the NBA Finals, you’ll hear me say that again.
  • More #beardwatch tweets. Quotes, thoughts, beard stats…I have to keep the #beard alive.
  • Start working out. That has nothing to do with #beardwatch. But I start at the gym tomorrow. Please pray.
  • Buy some lumberjack shirts. And a thermos. And become more outdoors-y. I know I look like a hipster wannabe, but inside me is a person who wants to camp, cut down trees and who am I kidding, I’m writing this while waiting for a Gingerbread Latte.

All to say, the beard life is a good life. It IS weird though to grow a beard  during Movember. Movember is a great cause to raise awareness (and funds) towards research for prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives where men of different races, ages and stages of puberty look like creeps by growing moustaches for the month of November. And so because I have a beard, many people ask “Are you doing Movember?”, to which I have to reply “No”, which signifies I’m sure: “Yes, I love facial hair. Yes, I am a narcissist. No, I do not care about Movember’s mission…I just look like a hobo because I WANT too.” (And for the record, I am a major fan of Movember and why it exists. Check out my latest blog on mental illness and it’s affects on our family here.)

But the thought of growing my beard FOR something other than my own resolve has struck a chord in me since attending Catalyst in October (I can’t shave it now…I made WAY too much of a deal when I started!). And so my second quest, apart from the beard, is to find an organization to support with my #beardwatch. Because I think there’s something cool about using everything about you to be able to help someone else.

Even your beard.

So send your suggestions here!


Question: what part of you life have seen as unusable to help others? How can you start making those areas available?

PS: Here are some cool beard sites and links provided by great #beardwatch supporters. Check them out!

Parent Real Talk: Feeling Sucky

If you’re a parent, you’ll understand this feeling: inadequacy.

This isn’t what we’d project on Facebook with our fun family pics or on Twitter with our happy 140 character notes, but more often than not, behind the front door of our homes, we sometimes feel this way. Especially when it comes to how we raise our kids.

The other night, Ellie was taken by SOMETHING. She was kicking her brother, crumpling her face while crossing her arms, cry screaming (which is a mixture of both crying and screaming) and just not listening to us at all. The night ended up with her in bed crying at 7:00 with no snack, me standing outside her room angry that I yelled at her (there is a difference between being stern for her sake and simply yelling because I lost my cool) and Liam picking his nose.

That night I felt like…I wasn’t a good dad. I know I am but there are days where I just feel…inadequate.

Question for Parents: Ever known that feeling? What seems to trigger that for you?

It’s worse when you’re out somewhere and you kids seems to…dare I say “embarrass” you. You know those times when they are the only kid who throws themselves into a foam-at-the-mouth, roll-in-the-dew (#seewhatIdidthere, Cobourg Camp peeps?), punch-kick-claw-yell-cry state while other parents look on with that face? You know the face…that smug look that says, “If that was my kid that would NEVER happen!” And it is so embarrassing, isn’t it? I know it is for me.

The real talk truth is that every kid has moments like that, whether we want people around us to know it or not. If a kid doesn’t:

– Sleep long enough or sleep too little
– Eat enough or sleep too little
– Play enough or play too little
– Feel the sun or to the moon
– Find out there is no Santa or some fictional character
– Suffer from first world problems like “Sorry no McDonald’s, kiddo” or “No Ellie, we’re not getting Starbucks banana bread (told you…first world yuppie problems)”

…They will freak out. And the younger they are, the harder it is to explain to them why they can’t have what they want and why they shouldn’t respond they way they do. So there are only a few things I can do.

1. Pray a lot. Becca and I picked up a cool booklet by Mark Batterson called “Praying Circles Around Your Children“, based on his book “The Circle Maker.” Without giving away too much of the book, the main gist is to help give parents direction on HOW to pray for their kids on a regular basis. The other night, I made a list of things I will speak over my children. For Ellie, kindness and honesty (among other things). For Liam, humility and love.

2. Apologize. I lose my cool sometimes. If you’re a parent, you know what that’s like. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having to say sorry to a three-year-old who would rather play than listen at the time but if I live a life of apology, maybe when they are older, they’ll learn that being wrong and admitting it is okay.

3. Say “I love you” a lot. Today Ellie asked me, “Daddy, do you still love me when I do bad acts?” I told her that I could never NOT love her no matter what she did. Out of that, on her own, my three-year-old said, “Daddy, I’m sorry for hitting and yelling…”. She apologized for something she did the last week. Love brought out honesty from her, not my yelling.

4. Still discipline. Sometimes my kids are going to need to be disciplined and as a good dad I have to do that. But I have to talk afterwards.

5. Not compare myself to other parents. Hey other parents: I know you have sucky days when you get mad at someone else because you had a bad day at work or something. Because I know that, that face don’t mean nuthin! People without kids, know this: Your kid will mess up. Your kid will do dumb things. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. It just means you’re like every other parent, whether they say so or not:)

6. Remember that kids remember. Today I saw a tweet from Mark Driscoll that made me pause (Thanks Taigan Bombay for retweeting him). It said, “Men, we need to be the kind of men we want our sons to become and our daughters to marry…because they will.” I think that goes for all parents. Our kids will be like us no matter what, so let’s all aim to be the best we can be.

…Tonight when I got home, Becca and I had to have a long talk with Ellie about her recent behavior. It was crazy to see Ellie embarrassed and saddened by her actions. She even tried to hide, reminiscent to two people who tried to hide from their own discipline so many years ago. Yet when all was done, we had a dance party.

Thankfully when things are done right, the ending is always sweet and filled with awkward attempts at dance moves meant for teenagers and NOT 30 year olds.

Parents: Please pass this along to other parents to hear their thoughts! How have you dealt with your own feelings of inadequacy?

If you have a similar story, I’d love to have some dialogue with you on it. Leave a comment OR email me at We’ve all got a story, so let’s share them. Also, feel free to subscribe to this blog by clicking the “subscribe me” button. Thanks – Chase

I Hate Chris Chase (Based on a True Story)

The other day while I was fabrezing my beard, I logged onto my WordPress to see the movement of my latest post. While doing this I noticed something quite…unnerving. Someone did a google search for me. Now before you say, “Calm down there Mr. Narcissist!” Look at what the search was (this is not made up):

Now that’s pretty crazy, isn’t it? First, I’m not google worthy. Secondly, HATE? Wowzers! Like the person couldn’t even just search my name or my work or something but that they actually “Hate Chris Chase.” And it’s not general hate. Nor is it invitational hate (as in Let’s hate…). It is personal hate…and its something that I’m sure they didn’t expect I’d ever see.

So I saw that and my mind went racing to figure out who would do such a thing. I mean…I am loud and while not as loud as I used to be, I do get up there in volume. I sometimes put my foot in my mouth at the pain of others, but I am much better at saying sorry now than I was back in the day. Could it be someone from my old youth group (I do wish I had more friends from that time in my life at times but life is what it is…)? Someone who I spited accidentally or maybe purposely? Could it be Frank Grimes (go to 0.21)? So then who could it be…this really bugged me,

Because no matter how confident you are, especially if your identity isn’t found in yourself, or something/one else but rather in Christ, you still want to be liked or even loved by others. Call me weak. I call it human. We’re all built for relationships. No one is above wanting to be accepted. Even snobs want love. Even bullies want love. Bullies bully cause they don’t know how to ask for love. And when you find out someone doesn’t like you, most of us, when we’re alone get really bothered by it, even if for a split second. And trust me, it sucks (if I had a dime for how many time I got blamed for a friendship flame out i’d have at least 25 cents). The weak part is when you can’t get over it, i guess.

So I got pretty sad. Then angry. Then wanting to find a way to track the person down and simply ask them why…then I decided to create a back story for this person…and that made me laugh a lot. Cause it was good.

Then, after 3 hours  (or so…) of laughing to myself I realized that I wasted my time on this person’s  anger/resentment/unforgiveness/fear/narcissism/sad googling/mistake (hard to believe but there is more than just 1 Chris Chase in the world) and realized that “haters gonna hate”, I guess. And even if their anger is justified (albeit not gone about in a healthy manner) I’m no better if I sit there and hate them back or even dwell on their hate. So, I decided to leave it. Until I blogged about it…and went through it again. But now I’m fine…i think…lol.


I guess the beard really isn’t for everyone. Real Talk.

…And to my friend, the googler…It’s all good. Thanks for reading the blog anyhow. Hopefully we can make amends one day. And if not, I hope you have diarrhea for a month


(*added today) I guess I also have to admit that we all have hate in our hearts too. I mean we all don’t like/trust/accept people. There are some we connect with and others who we don’t as…easily. I need to work on that in MY life as well. Love (and hate) is a two way street…

PS. The beard lives on. The beard drinks hate and produces grey hairs of wisdom.

PPS. I normally have my phone on vibrate but when it’s on loud, this is my ring tone – 

If you have a similar story, I’d love to have some dialogue with you on it. Leave a comment OR email me at We’ve all got a story, so let’s share them. Also, feel free to subscribe to this blog by clicking the “subscribe me” button. Thanks – Chase

Married. With Children. And Telling Secrets.

Before actor Ed O’Neil was married to a younger Columbian woman named Gloria on the hit show Modern Family as Jay Pritchett, he was first Ed Bundy, a…very different type of husband to Peg and father to Kelly and Bud on Fox’s first primetime program called “Married…with Children”. While crude in content (we didn’t have Fox for a long time in Quebec and when we finally DID, i spent my time catching up on Martin), it spent 10 years on air, to the joys and popularity of many.

While I’m not a TV character (though some would say I am a character...cue up the rim shot and applause, people.), I too am married with children. Becca and I have a precocious and ‘chip off the old block-ish’ three-year old named Eliana and a seven and soon to be eight month old linebacker son named Liam. They’re our “Ellie and Meatball” combo. Becca and I love them very much. They are the two funnest, funniest, faith-firming part of our lives. That being said, life with kids doesn’t always shine and glisten.

Sometimes it’s hard.

Sometimes it even sucks.

And here’s why…

Life was simpler without kids. Not better, but simpler. Some examples:

1. Eating was simpler

Chris: Hey babe, what do you wanna eat?

Becca: I don’t know…you?

C: I don’t know…maybe cake?!

B: Awesome! Let’s do it!

(Please note: the conversation in question never actually happened and instead is a composite of conversations in an exaggerated tone.)

What I mean is that before kids, we could eat at 7. 8. 9. And whatever we wanted. And wherever we wanted. Which brings up point number 2.

2. Going out was simpler

Before kids, Becca and I could hit up movies, malls, friends homes (on invite only), events, concerts and more with reckless abandon. One such evening, we arrived late for a movie, missing both the previews (which was a big deal before YouTube made everything quickly accessible) and the first 15-20 mins. So once the movie ended, we decided to stay back and watch what we missed…only to be re-enthralled by the tale of love, family, pre-hipster like qualities and its soundtrack…for the entire movie.

Then we went out for coffee.

Life now consists of babysitters who sometimes cancel, bad planning on our part, mix up of dates and times and of course, bath and bedtime for the kiddies.

3. Sex was simpler

Notice: I didn’t say more or less frequent cause frequency always varies on the season of life, mood and Marvin Gaye-ness-ness.

Before kids, sex was initiated by simple moment of eye contact in the kitchen, hand brush while eating cake for dinner, certain mode of laugh or simply saying “Hey, we should TOTALLY do it right now!”

Which was then followed by doing it right then. And maybe even there. Awesome.  

Now, all those things happen between the spouses (the eye contact, the hand brush, the laugh, the statements of need) but they are followed by the following:

“Okay…put on Dora and meet me upstairs in 5 minutes!”

“Okay i will. Wait. Wait. What if Liam starts to (Liam instinctively begins to cry)…”

Moment over. Or.

“Keep that energy! After the kids have been bathed, prayed with, put to bed and put back to bed 5 times, the kitchen has been cleaned up, the lunches have been prepared for tomorrow and such…at 11:15 PM I am going to rock your world!”

11:15 PM comes 

“So…how about tomorrow?”

4. God was Simpler

No kids meant no distractions for prayer, Bible reading, fasting, etc. The house could be a sanctuary of silence where thoughts could be shared, Voice could be heard and journals filled. The Spirit-filled life was for two…and it was nice.

5. Sleep was simpler.

I only had to get out of bed if I had to pee. Or if I had a craving for food. Now the prayer is “Lord, let pee stay in diapers and potty-trained bodies. We rebuke all monster nightmares and over-excitement for tomorrow’s activities. We also pray for them both to sleep well past their normal times so that we may sleep in just a little bit. It’s gonna be Saturday, Lord…you get that, right? Rest? Sabbath? Thanks! Amen!”


Now I say all that not in a complaining way but as real as I can because every couple with kids feels this, but rarely do we say anything aloud to our partners or even to each other. And that’s not cool. I also write this because while kids haven’t made life simpler, they have made it more enjoyable in each of these areas. I’ll explain with more facts and less exaggerated tales.


First, Eating is a family filled challenge.

Ellie is picky like her father which forces meal time to be time-sensitive and meal helpful. But now we sit at the table to eat instead of in front of the TV like Becca and I did when we were just us. We talk about our day. We teach Ellie to pray for her meal, friends, teachers and the like. And Becca and I also learn patience through spilled juice, dropped rice, hatred of pepperoni and abrupt leavings of the table. While I miss the couch, I love the table. It’s home there.

 Second, Going out is an adventure and privilege

Sometimes it means a double stroller, diaper bag, snack bag, toy bag and extra clothes bag. Sometimes it includes a bike or scooter, trip to the mall (which is much shorter now), park or the expensive zoo. Sometimes it’s a drive from what seems to be hell with tears, whining, poopy diapers, yelling, discipline and parental arguing.

But it always means fun pictures and videos. It always means new memories. It always means seeing the kids in grown up settings. It always means fun in the end.

And as for Becca and I, when we get a date in, it’s always a treat. Without kids, you really don’t notice when the motions of marriage become so routine that you can actually miss someone or drift from them even while living in the same home. And it’s in the drift that the destruction within a marriage can easily come in (Another blog. Another blog.). Date nights remind you that you need time together to reconnect, regroup and spend 2 hours over eats talking about the kids that you left for 2 hours to have alone time.

 Side note: A cool book by a guy named Timothy Keller writes that the notion of soul mates is dumb because of how much people change after marriage. The girl I married is still there in scope but life has changed her so she is the same but different too, as am I. Marriage is loving each other through these changes…I think:)

Third, God makes more sense

To have children and to deal with them everyday in their carnal states gives a better understanding of the love, discipline, grace, justice and care of God the Father, the willingness to sacrifice like God the Son and the desire to mold them into something great like God the Holy Spirit. God time is different (with the kids asking questions, interrupting thought and Dora music) but setting a teaching model…hopefully.

Fourth, Sleep is a luxury

This one goes without explanation. When you get it, give thanks.

…and Sex still happens.

It may mean having coffee beforehand to stay awake. It may mean finding nursery rhyme books in your bed or accidentally kicking a toy that plays the ABCs and wakes up your newborn. And it may be a lot…quicker than you both like at times for fear of that moment where you scar your 3 year old forever (Hasn’t happened yet!). But, thankfully it still happens. Except now, the purpose is to keep the fam at 4 among other things:). Also, sometimes it creppily involves using Ellie to relay messages as this one was this past week:

“Daddy…mommy says she wants to be on you. Ummm, what does that mean, daddy?”


A Note From the Future


Scene: Chris Chase, mild manner 30 something walks to his mailbox. Upon opening it he sees, through the promotions from gyms and pizza pizza, a letter with a 4D stamp from the “Canadian States of Mexfinland.” Even stranger? It is address to him. Even stranger? It is from himself. With a puzzled look and sense of bewilderment and constipation, he opens the letter…and reads….


Dear 2012 Chris (or me from the past),

I know this is hard to believe but this is me, as in you from the future. This isn’t a gag letter or a chain letter. This is real. How do I know this? Currently you are wearing yellow jeans and a navy blue shirt with a yellow bow tie.

(Chris looks down and he is wearing exactly what was described by himself, but NOT himself…but himself…)

Yeah…told ya. Anyhow, I just wanted to give you a heads up on a few things so you can warn the others. Now, you won’t find any sports scores or cool patents to impliment ahead of your time. This is strickly things for you and whomever you choose to share this with (Ed: which is at the time about 13 people. Thanks for reading). Some will shock you. Others won’t surprise you at all. Either way, i felt it right to send this to you, which was in itself a huge ordeal that cost me 5 lego pieces.

Oh yeah, our currency is lego. If you have the green grass pieces, you’re making it rain. Except for anywhere. Making it Rain is illegal. Diddy and those crappy southern rappers did it one too many times and someone got a massive paper cut. Two episodes of Maury later (He’s still alive, BTW), Making it rain is dead.

So anyhow, here are some important facts:

  • You were right about LeBron James being on HGH. Doesn’t matter though since he became the chancellor of Paraguay. Say something bad about Sir Bron and its Hunger Games for you. And they ain’t like the movies. No odds. No favor.
  • Remember in ‘The Lorax’ when all the trees were gone and they had fake ones? That hasn’t happened but The Lorax is actually real. And owns a bakery. And half of Apple.
  • Golf is now played with two balls. One is explosive. Makes it really hard now to win.
  • We found out who let the dogs out. He’s dead now. Not cause we killed but simply due to old age.
  • Due to the treaty of Verswag, all hipsters are arrested for not trying at anything at all.
  • We’ve gone back to baggy jeans. However, we’ve kept the skinny shirts. Let’s just say it’s really ugly and most weddings are shameful displays of fashion gone wrong.
  • Justin Bieber did NOT age well. Wow.
  • Taylor Swift is still surprised when she wins stuff. Only because she has the forgettums now.
  • Becca is still your best friend. She is also part owner of your least favorite sports team that hasn’t been invented yet.
  • No one uses Facebook. Instead they do this thing where…how do I say…they leave their homes and spend time together…it was hard at first but we’re getting the hang of it.
  • Conan finally got his show back. Then lost it again. He’s so trusting. It was the 4th time.
  • People still say bro. No one says bud.
  • Ellie and Liam are good. You’ll be proud of them both.
  • There STILL aren’t any hoverboards. Back to the Future 2 was so inacurate. Sorry I meant inaccurate. I misspelt it when I blinked and moved my eye keyboard.
  • People still fight over selfishness, hurt each other and the like. But we are quicker to forgive and help each other. People’s prayers did get answered.
  • Reality TV has been replaced by live plays being put on in your home. You actually rent actors. I watch one show a month due to high demand.
  • The fear of God is still the beginning of wisdom.

Well, that’s about it bro. I must send this quickly before President Snooki and her information guard come for me. Yeah…that Snooki. She got bit by Peter Parker’s spider. Now she runs the clubs. The chess club, art club, french club and the regular dance club.

Future Chris

P.S. Oh yeah, you’re going to lose your keys in like ten minutes. But don’t worry! I figure out a way finally to never lose them. I just keep them ov– wait…Dang! Becca bro, where are my keys.

(Ed. It’ll be fun to see how outdated some of these references will be even up to two years from now…)