Silly Kid Dreams You Never Forget…


As a kid, I loved baseball. I mean loved it. And based on my french neighbourhood in Pierrefonds, Quebec, I looked like that kid in the picture above. But it was cool because of how much I loved this sport! More than I loved the Lakers. So you know I’m serious:)

My friends and I would play for hours in the park, until it was dark outside and our parents were calling us in to come home. We looked like kids from the Sandlot or from the greatest Keanu Reeves movie EVER:

As you can imagine I was a huge Montreal Expos fan, even though our team sucked most of the time and our stadium looked like a really weird upside-down european version of the starship enterprise. See?


Whether it was cheering Dennis Martinez, Larry Walker, Moises Alou, Pedro Martinez or others, it was about dem Expos and MAYBE the Jays, especially during the World Series days. While I never would have wanted to play professionally (the whole A, AA, AAA system was taxing on my young mind) I loved it.

Now? Not so much. Three main reasons:

1. There is no more Expos. Well, there is but they are the Washington Nationals. I no longer have a team to call my own. And while I live in Toronto and enjoy the Jays, it’s just not the same. The strike of 1994 completely destroyed my team and my thoughts there. (Though I JUST read this that brings me so hope. If it happened to the Jets of Winnipeg, why not La Belle Province?)

2. It’s too easy to predict. Only 10 teams could actually win it all every year. Boring. That’s no difference then cheering for Bron and the Heat.

3. Have you EVER watched a baseball game on TV?

That said, I still have one baseball dream that I want to confess to you:


I want to visit Fenway Park in Boston, Mass cause I wanna watch the Red Sox play. And this dream was only heightened by the effects of last week’s horrendous attacks. Funny how even the silliest dreams return during times of tragedy. Even the selfish ones.

Why? It would be so stinking awesome! To sing “Sweet Caroline“, see the Green Monster and to work on my Bahston accent (Oh man, Big Bahpi’s wicked smahrt with his bat!)…too much fun. Right now, it’s an improbable dream (money, time, two kids under 4 who wouldn’t appreciate the trip) but still, I dream and wait until it’s possible. And one day, it’ll happen!

Now, I don’t know if that’ll reignite my heart for the game…too much has happened between us. But maybe, just maybe it’ll open up a door to reconciliation. Not saying “Move over Basketball and Football and the Olympics” but who knows…maybe it’ll come true.

And as a grown up, I hope that my willingness to hold on to this silly dream will inspire Liam and Ellie to do the same when they be grown.

Daht be Whicked Smaahrt.

Other dreams: Go to Europe, Go to Israel, See a live Lakers game IN LA, buy Wifey a really nice new engagement ring and a better wedding cake (she wasn’t a fan of the last one…)…more dreams to share…more to come…


The DNA of a Good Husband…?

I am a big fan of magazines.

I can’t tell you how much money I have spent on Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, SLAM, GQ (depending on the cover) and Time. So much information…so many articles. Awesome sauce.

Last week, I picked up a copy of Esquire magazine because it had a cool music section and Mr. Kevin Flynn, a.k.a Jeff Bridges was on the cover (If you have yet to see Tron: Legacy, you need to. Pure eye candy). While I was looking through it, I saw an interesting article that prompted me to buy the magazine, bring it home and underline stuff. It’s title? “Hitched: A Man’s Guide to Getting and Being Married.” In it, various authors give their thoughts on why men still choose to marry someone though divorce rates are high and doing the “let’s just live together” movement is booming large. The article is broken into the following sections:

– Meeting the wife: Initial relationship building, marriage and kids
– The Middle Years: A Philosophy of Fighting
– When A Marriage Ends: Dealing with the ramifications of divorce, remarriage, etc.

The article also has a quiz on if you are a good husband or not (of course it’s according to Esquire status so it’s kinda funny, kinda gross and not indicative of whether you are or aren’t good at the ‘job’) and some little quotes from people who have been married for YEARS on how to make a marriage last. Here are some of them:

– “She cleans, I cook. It works.” Herb Burton, married 52 years to Sylvia
– “Hilary tells me that women say that they need three husbands in their lifetimes. As a young woman, they need an adventurer. As a mother, they need a father to their children. And as an older woman, they need a companion, a steady type of guy. If you can fill those roles over the course of decades, you’re in luck.” Paul Wexler, married 40 years to Hilary.
– “Everything’s negotiable. There’s no black and white. You can’t draw a line in the sand, because the sand moves.” Dick Tressel, married 40 years to Connie.

Some cool truth there, i think. And you know what I notice even more? The numbers. 40…52…that’s amazing.

So I got to thinking: What is the DNA or recipe for a good husband? If the perfect husband could be constructed (and I know it’s impossible but for the sake of the blog post, please keep that arguementative voice to one’s self) what would it look like? Is it simply, “love God and that’s it?” Is it “adventure and romance?” Is it “know the signs, don’t be selfish?” Is it all of the above?

You see, I’m going on 6 years in September, one beautiful girl at the age of two and other bundle on the way. I have a steady job, a sliver of maturity, a have a relationship with Jesus, good morals and fashion sense. But it that all that it takes? I’m not the greatest at listening or noticing things (check out Becca’s blog for proof at but I clean a lot, even at weird hours. I misread eye contact (and every married man knows what I mean…yup. Exactly.) but love shopping for wifey…don’t know why I’m adding this in but hopefully it give context.

If I had to put myself on a HUSBAND scale of one to ten (one being “How did that guy even get out of the nursery??” and ten being “What? Jesus got married and coaches little league?? Amazing!”) it really varies. There are days when I know I am untouchable. Then there are days when I know that work came first, or TV, or the iPad, or even Eliana. I’m still learning and I am very thankful for patience that is shown my way, even when the scale is tipping towards the one. But still…what makes a husband good? And a follow up question, what makes a marriage last?

So, I need your help both ladies and gentlemen! In your estimation, what makes a good husband? If you’re married and a dude, what do you think you need to be awesome? If you’re a lady and married, what about your husband do you love? If you’re single, what do you want to be (men) or desire and expect (ladies). Comments and thoughts are encouraged here (so is subscribing…but that’s a whole other story) so post them away.

One last story: At Ellie’s daycare, there is a lady who literally walks with joy. It’s amazing because it’s not annoying but rather infectious. On certain days when I am there, her husband comes to pick her up. And when they see each other, you can feel their sparks. It’s amazing. Whether they say nothing or gab away, they love each other. She is his everything. They are still newlyweds but love each other like they have been married for years. And to know her story of how their love came about makes me smile even bigger. He’s her hero (apart from Jesus).

I like that. I wonder what he’s doing right.

The Cool Kids…

Every social group has them.

Nurseries, Elementary school, youth groups, work situations, sports teams, churches…youth pastors 🙂


The people who have it all together. The people who we all look up to and want to be like. They have this thing called swagger (wagon sold separately). They walk in packs. They are sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, always cooler than you. And it makes you feel crummy. And so you being to covet, to want more than to be LIKE them. You actually think that your life would be better if you WERE THEM.

Here’s something you may not have ever heard.

You’re cool.

You’re worth getting to know, hanging out with, learning from, acceptance, love, forgiveness, etc.

You are a trend setter, a leader and a good friend.

The cool kids are only COOL because we say they are. Because they look the part of what we think COOL looks like. But what if we stopped look at them and started to look at how God’s wired us and said, “I’m okay with how I am…He’s made me specific and unique.” This doesn’t mean we’re above improvements…what it means is that we’re letting God bring the BEST out of us! He doesn’t remake us. Instead he works WITH us as we are to shape us into the ME (aka YOU!) we’re supposed to be! (And for the record, those who are “cool” struggle with the same insecurities you do…)

Let the revolution of COOL begin!

Qs: How’s God wired you? What do you like about yourself? How much time do you spend looking at what other people have? What is God trying to teach you today yourself and how he’s made you?

Parenting thoughts, Prayers & The Type of People I Hate

Becca and I have a bad habit.

When we’re out with friends and we have Ellie with us, we tend to say the following words to her when she’s being a handful:

Oh Ellie, I really don’t like you right now!

Obviously it’s a joke (she’s doing nothing more than being a 1 and change year old), so please don’t condemn me, my ‘words of life, words are powerful, you’re tearing down your child’ friends.

But still it’s not cool. Chalk it up to our own experiences, our sometimes ‘lack of maturity’…whatever. Sometimes we blow it. I’m thankful that the friends that we say it in front of are learning too, are non-condemning and know that we’re either just kidding or seriously at our wits end. Still, it’s not the coolest thing…

‘Why am I rambling?’, you’re asking…

Today, we found out that a couple in our fellowship (a.k.a. denomination) lost their 2nd twin in less than two weeks. Long story short, there were complications that caused the mom to go into labour and deliver both kids early and neither child made it. I don’t know the couple well (which destroys the idea of fellowship, doesn’t it? That needs to change…) but my heart broke at the news and still breaks for them as parents (which is what they are).

It put my role as a parent in perspective for Becca and I in regards to how we speak about our daughter. She is our world and we are thankful for her, even on her bad days and we need to constantly remind ourselves of that, especially on her bad days. That doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be days where we ‘don’t enjoy her company‘ and  days where we may talk about that (in mature and immature ways). Yet we need to, at the end of the day, be thankful for who we’ve been given and allowed to teach, love and grow with God’s help. The challenge is to respond to her out of selflessness and not selfishness, which often puts our need for quiet over her crying for attention, our need of 8 hours of sleep over her restlessness and our desire for cleanliness over her…lack of ‘spacial decorum’. I love her. Becca loves her. She is us and for that, we are blessed. Selflessness, even towards someone you’d die for, is still a daily choice.

And for my family, I am working hard to choose it.

P.S. And let me add this: I’m not trying to make their loss about me. I hate when people who do that. That’s the definition of selfish. Yes I said hate. Enemies of Chase are people like that and complainers (urgh). Without giving names, please pray for this family, that they’d find strength, comfort, hope and peace in the arms of Jesus. That’d they know his abounding love and continual healing…I know that your prayers will make a difference in their lives.